Mark Rotstein  Family Office

What is a Family Office?

For families and individuals that have a high net worth, traditional wealth management may not be sufficient to meet your needs. Mark Rotstein, through his company, Equilibrium Partners Inc. offers family office services to these high net worth families who need a more “hands on” approach to help manage the financial and investment roles the family plays.

In the case of EQ Partners Inc., Mark believes that his role is so much more than that of an investment advisor. He believes it is his mission to become a trusted friend and ally to the family. This level of involvement requires a long-term relationship that is built on principles of mutual trust and respect – not to mention loyalty.

In order to honour that level of commitment, Mark keeps his client list small and very discrete. He doesn’t accept clients that he feels will create a conflict of interest with existing clients. Additionally, Mark likes to keep a small client list so that he can offer every individual and each family he serves, the level of attention and amount of time they deserve.

You may not be Mark’s only client, but he wants you to feel as though you are. He will customise the services he offers to meet your unique needs as a family. That is part of the reason he is so dedicated to building relationships – so that he can offer services that are truly catered to your financial goals (as an individual or as a family).

What Kind of Family Office Services does Mark Offer?

While mark offers a wide range of services that fall under the purview of a family office, he is also willing to help with other aspects of planning and managing the estate on a case by case basis. His ultimate goal is to grant you peace of mind and complete and total comfort regarding the state of your financial affairs.

Some of the services Mark offers as a Family Office include:

  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Investment planning and management
  • Investment education
  • Property management
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Succession planning

Mark understands that it is critical to have an appropriate and efficient plan if you are to achieve your goals – financial or otherwise. He will work with you and your existing advisors, to create a plan that is actionable and designed to get results.

When it comes to property management, most people think of real estate. While real estate is important, the family office isn’t limited to real estate investing. Mark can also help you make important decisions about investing in art, building valuable wine collections, and making other decisions that add value to your property as investments rather than simple possessions.

The other essential service Mark offers is one of educating the family about various aspects of investment. This includes their roles in the current line of succession, future responsibilities, investing, and more.

If you require a higher level of service, you can’t go wrong with Mark Rotstein and EQ Partners Inc. From his core values to his mission statement, Mark is dedicated to becoming a trusted partner in your success.