Services for Families

Mark Rotstein of Equilibrium Partners, Inc. understands the complex needs high net worth families have to deal with on a daily basis. There are constant demands and pressure for your time, attention, and gifts or donations. That’s aside from the necessary, albeit mundane, daily responsibilities you have to face. That is why Mark founded EQ Partners Inc., to assist families who would prefer to devote their time to more worthwhile opportunities and pastimes.

How can EQ Partners Help Families?

The role of family office is one Mark is proud to provide to high net worth families throughout the Toronto area. A family man himself, Mark understands the complexities of familiar relationships and the needs families have when it comes to managing households, funds, assets, and finding a common vision.

Mark is the founder of EQ Partners Inc. and takes his responsibility in the position of family office seriously. He believes that building a strong, trusting, and loyal relationship with the family so that he can gain insights about the goals and needs of the family.

Because there are no conflicts of interest, or no financial gains to be made from offering suggestions and advice, Mark is able to operate objectively and without bias. This means that your family will gain the benefit of Mark’s 20 years of experience managing the assets of high net worth individuals and families like your own, without concerns about where his loyalties may be.

Services Mark Offers that may help Your Family

Mark Rotstein offers a wide range of services that will help your family, though he strongly believes that the most important service he offers is the relationship he builds with the family in order to help with important events today and in the future. These are a few of the ways Mark helps Toronto area families manage and grow their resources.

Education – Mark educates families in many ways. From educating about estate planning and investing to providing education for general resource management and family operations to educating children about their expectations and responsibilities once certain milestones are achieved.

Giving – Philanthropy is important to your family. Choosing the right organisations to support with your contributions and fundraising activities is equally important. Mark can help you coordinate all your philanthropic activities to maximise their effect.

Life Changes – Life happens, often when you least expect it to. Mark can help you deal with the unexpected changes that come along and plan for others. Make sure you discuss your succession wishes with Mark in order to create a plan and make arrangements for the next person in line to take the role when you are no longer able or interested in holding the reigns yourself.

Household Management – Everything from managing the household staff to ensuring that all parties are paid, accounts are managed, and bills are paid takes time and no small amount of attention to detail. Mark can take over these mundane tasks leaving you free to engage in critical family time and commitments instead of worrying about bank statements and payroll.

Mark has 20 years of experience serving the needs of family assets and building family relationships. Put that experience to work for you and see what a difference it makes for your quality of life and peace of mind.