Mission Statement and Values

High net worth families have a friend in Mark Rotstein. Mark is the founder of Equilibrium Partners Inc., an organisation that lends assistance to high net worth families in the role of a Family Office. Mark brings 20 years of invaluable experience to the table offering financial services to families and individuals throughout the Toronto area. Today, his focus, through EQ Partners Inc. has shifted and Mark takes a more personal role in aiding the families he serves.

EQ Partners Inc. Mission Statement

The mission for EQ Partners Inc. is simple: “To develop and nurture long-term, personal relationships as trusted advisors to individuals and families.”

Carrying out the mission is what sets Mark apart from so many others who take on the role of Family Office. Mark makes it personal. He is committed to developing, and nurturing, long-term relationships so that he can act as a trusted advisor to the families and individuals he serves.

He is committed to offering comfort and peace of mind at some of life’s most critical moments so that families can take the time they need to deal with life events as they happen without becoming too caught up in their daily responsibilities so that they do not take time to celebrate, grieve, or stop and smell the roses when the times come for each of these things.

Cover Values of EQ Partners Inc.

EQ Partners Inc. is more than just a business or a job to Mark. He sees it as his life’s work. As such, he sets his standards high and makes them a reflection of his personal and professional core values. These are the values Mark offers you.

Commitment to listen carefully so that he understands your own personal values, concerns, and goals.
Dedication to providing personal comfort and peace of mind.
Passion for the company and its reputation.
Belief in complete transparency when dealing with families and individuals.
Understanding that more is accomplished through hard work and team work.
Responsibility. EQ Partners feels a strong sense of responsibility for helping clients and their families continue to achieve success in the future.
Relationships built on mutual respect and designed to last for the long term.
Pride in his role as one who specialises in generalising.
These values are at the heart of every piece of advice Mark offers his clients and are perfect indicators of his personal values in business.

What do these things Mean for You and Your Family?

Whether you are coming to Mark as an individual or part of a large family seeking guidance for future plans, Mark brings a lot to the table. Now that you understand the values that drive him, it is up to you to determine whether he’s the right man to meet the needs of your personal and/or family needs.

Mark Rotstein can help you with a wide range of Family Office responsibilities as well as educating the family about philanthropy, investing, and managing resources; assisting with bill paying, banking, and budgeting, and managing properties, household staff, and other assets. Now is the perfect time to get to know Mark and see what he has to offer you.