Mark Rotstein
Mark Rotstein

Mark Rotstein is a dedicated professional living and working in the Toronto area. He specialises in becoming a trusted advisor to individuals and families who need assistance managing their assets in order to provide peace of mind while handling the day-to-day responsibilities of dealing with various financial responsibilities.

He does this through Equilibrium Partners Inc., a company he founded as a family office that offers objective and unbiased counsel for families and individuals alike. Mark believes the most vital step in the process, though, involves building a trusting relationship with the family to determine the needs and interests of the family.

Who is Mark Rotstein?

Mark is a family man and a professional. He has a wife and three children of his own yet manages to find the time to develop lasting relationships with the families he works with. He chooses to keep his practice small and his focus narrow in order to offer exceptional personal service at all times.

He attended the University of Toronto where he earned a Bachelor of Applies Science with honours before attending the Schulich School of Business at York University, graduating with a Master of Business Administration.

He has been in the business of asset management for more than 20 years with roles of varying responsibility. In past positions, Mark has managed teams responsible for private client assets totally well over $500 million. During this time he became known as a type of “Family Quarterback.” That is what led him to taking on a stronger advisory role for families when beginning EQ Partners Inc. – a role in which he excels.

What Does Mark Do?

As a family officer, Mark helps families deal with the details of asset management. High asset clients can use assistance with a variety of task and Mark is ready to lend aid at every turn. Some of the areas in which he particularly excel involve delicate areas that require a certain degree of trust and mutual respect within the family dynamic such as succession discussions and planning and one-on-one education for children about their roles, responsibilities, and the risks they face, and providing a stabilising presence for the family when major life changes take place.

These life changes may include things like:

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Deaths
  • Births
  • Graduations
  • Divorces
  • New Business Ventures

He can also help families identify and vet philanthropic ventures that match their personal values and interests in giving.

On an even more practical level, Mark can handle the management of household staff, create budgets for the family, take care of banking and bill paying, manage family properties, and educate family members on investment and estate planning.

Mark Rotstein takes his role as a family officer seriously and believes that it is his role to provide ethical, unbiased information that is designed solely to benefit the family. He is a member of various professional organisations designed to provide him with the tools he needs to offer unparalleled service at all times. Over the last 20 years he has developed a reputation for putting clients at ease with his calm manner and quiet professionalism.